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Due to the current world order, we are suspending all our future pop ups until it’s safe to do reopen. We will unfortunately have to suspend our online sales as we cannot guarantee that we would be able to ship in a timely and safe manner for our team. We are safe and we ask you to stay safe too. You are all in our hearts, and we cannot wait to receive you all again somewhere in the world for our next pop up. In the meantime, protect yourselves, love each other and let’s keep connected. Love Filipa and Natacha x 💗

thank you to Paige Smith Spearin for the lovely watercolour

I mean..... 💗💗💗💗 THANK YOU EVER SO M

Inside A Curated Bazaar


We buy market available fabrics and prints locally sourced in Jaipur and work with small production tailors in both Jaipur and the surrounding villages. We are NOT about fashion, we are NOT a brand, in fact we only make one collection a year. We have day jobs elsewhere, families to raise and friendships to nurture. We do have however a sense of duty to help others less fortunate than ourselves, thus "The Curated" was born. We love what we do, and somehow try to make a small diference while doing it. We are NOT a charity nor are we affiliated to any. We are NOT professionals at this, nor do we have any misconceptions about our abilities. We do however have good will and enthusiasm. How do you know you can trust us? You don't! You just gotta have a little faith  xxx


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